Jessamine County Schools Use Data to Increase District-Wide Readiness in New Technology Initiatives

Jessamine County Schools, in central Kentucky, is one of the fastest growing districts in the state. The district works to motivate and challenge every child to be a caring, responsible citizen, and a
high-level thinker, performer, communicator, and learner for life. Recently, Kentucky’s statewide education investments and funding provided Jessamine County Schools with improved technology infrastructure and increased access to create 21st century classrooms for students across the state. Jessamine’s Director of Technology, Erin Waggoner, knew that in order to use these new tools to provide meaningful learning experiences, the district would need to be extremely strategic with technology allocations. In Fall 2013, Jessamine County Schools adopted the BrightBytes Technology & Learning module to measure technology usage and access across the district and connect that data to the factors that drive learning outcomes.