Strategically Integrate Effective Technology Initiatives 

To effectively use technology to drive meaningful learning experiences, educators must determine which programs have a positive impact on learning, understand how successfully to evaluate and plan technology implementations, and execute these tasks in a safe, healthy digital environment.

Leverage Data to Analyze Digital Impact, Climate, and Safety 

The BrightBytes 21st Century Learning suite provides educators with a 360 degree view of technology learning, and guides districts to strategically integrate effective technology safely. Each module within the suite works in concert to address the common challenges educators encounter as they build 21st century classrooms.

Learning Outcomes

Evaluate the impact of specific technology programs on student learning to address program gaps and strengths and replicate or adjust for maximum impact.


Technology & Learning

Obtain clear insight into the climate of technology across access levels, types of usage, and beliefs around integration.



Digital Privacy, Safety & Security

Navigate complex digital safety responsibilities to ensure safe technology innovation.



What our customers say

Ultimately, the goal is to reshape the culture of our district, turning our district into an innovative, future ready organization where we understand the 21st century needs of all our students and teachers. BrightBytes has been an excellent partner in helping us identify and maximize our organizational strengths, as well and alerting us to important areas of weakness needing extra attention.”
It’s more than simply acquiring hardware and software and putting those things in front of students. Anyone can do that. What we’re looking for is a return on investment, and we’re looking for strategies that push the envelope on the possibilities for higher student achievement.”