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Provide Data Transparency to Everyone 

Public data is often complex and disorganized. This chaos hinders stakeholders from exploring data to better understand the state of education in their community. The School Data module inspires members of the public to discover the power of data analysis. 


School Data Can Inspire Change

Data tells an important story, and understanding the context of that data is critical in order to be part of the story. The School Data module uses engaging dashboards and infographics to deliver all the information necessary to drive powerful conversations within your schools and community.


Discover the Benefits of School Data


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The School Data Framework

The framework for the School Data module organizes data into three domains, Finances, Climate, and Achievement, to help users discover meaningful public data. 

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Understand the funding, spending, and balance per pupil and by organization

Track growth in assessment scores, graduation rates, and college enrollment

View student demographic data, grade-level enrollment, and student-to-staff ratio



What Our Customers Say

Data is difficult for parents to get in Idaho. Clarity is a very helpful tool for creating awareness around education.”
The ability to use real data to drive our district’s decision making is invaluable. It allows us to get students absolutely ready for the workforce and their careers.”