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Improve Intervention Efficacy with Insight to the Right Support

The Intervention module streamlines the referral process by connecting students in need to the right support services. The module allows educators to quickly assign services, track the fidelity, frequency, and efficacy of those efforts, and easily review and communicate progress or adjustment needs with stakeholders. 

Simplify the Intervention Process and Help Students Thrive

The Intervention module helps narrow gaps in intervention efficacy with a streamlined referral process. From one convenient platform, educators can analyze past intervention efforts, assign new support services, and monitor program progress and success.


Discover the Benefits of Intervention


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Intervention Framework

The Intervention framework consists of four domains that ensure all students receive the right support with fidelity.


Monitor the intervention process, including duration, frequency, completion, and efficacy of services

Gain insight into the overall landscape of concerns and intervention plans across an organization

Understand if available services are being carefully leveraged to support the student population

Discover the impact of services for each student’s standardized intervention measures


What Our Customers Say

Data from the module is objective, parents can see that attendance and behavior, especially in the lower grades, is crucial to success. Parents can see where to best invest efforts to help students come to school every day ready to learn.”
Examining our data on a monthly basis through Clarity gives us a greater probability of assigning appropriate interventions to get students to the finish line. Before this solution, we had to try and pull data from everywhere, and it just wasn’t easy to manage.”