Capistrano Unified School District Defines Goals with Data from the Technology & Learning Module

Capistrano Unified School District serves over 54,000 students in 65 campuses across seven cities and a portion of the unincorporated area of Orange County. The district believes that technology is as fundamental to learning as the paper and pencil. As result, they have spent
years building the infrastructure to support technology-rich classrooms. By 2014, there were robust Internet connections already established across 100% of the district. This allowed leaders to focus resource allocation into student devices and technology support. After a very successful pilot rollout of Chromebooks, CUSD began a districtwide 1:1 initiative. In 2015, they had implemented 24,000 Chromebooks and developed a “Laptops for Learning” BYOD policy. The district has been mindful to provide the right support and training for these transformative changes. As their journey toward building 21st century classrooms continues, they have created and redefined several technology positions and offered training sessions intentionally designed
to impart the greatest amount of technological and pedagogical knowledge for a 1:1 classroom.