Better Understand Each Student’s Social And Emotional Well-Being

The BrightBytes Whole Child module widens the focus of student support to measure key social and emotional areas, and provides educators with a holistic view of each student’s perceptions as it relates to SEL, safety, engagement, and support.


Promote Healthy Students and Positive School Climate and Culture

Using research-based psychometrics, developed in partnership with AIR®, the Whole Child module captures student and teacher perceptions related to SEL support, safety, and engagement, and combines student results with individual SIS data to personalize analysis. The solution provides educators with comprehensive, contextual views of each child’s well-being, as well as the organization’s overall social emotional climate.


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The Whole Child Framework

The Whole Child framework consists of four domains essential to student well-being and long term success.


Determine how students feel about their peers’ social and emotional problem solving skills

Gain insight into how the organization communicates and responds to students, and establishes the active relationships between students and school

Understand the climate of the organization across areas of support, discipline, and facilities

Explore stakeholders’ perceptions around safety processes, setting, and culture


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Analyzing our Clarity metrics will help us close the gaps that exist between our schools and between our students and teachers.”
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With BrightBytes, we have the power to have a conversation about high school graduation for a first grade student.”
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