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  •  Situate student and institutional needs in the context of culture and social emotional learning

  • Compare levels of perceived engagement, safety, SEL, and support across students, demographic cohorts, and schools

  • Evaluate the impact of programs and initiatives to ensure positive school culture

  • Develop targeted strategies to improve school climate based on insight into site-level progress and development

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  •  Understand social and emotional needs by grade, student, or cohort

  • Leverage data to replicate programs that ensure students feel safe and supported at school

  • Address culture and climate needs with insight into actionable data

  • Access data for teacher perceptions across school climate and culture

  •  Determine areas of focus based on cohort needs

  • Track and monitor the impact of support programs for each student or by group

  • Gain insight into individual student perceptions of support, engagement, and social and emotional well-being

  • Provide feedback to stakeholders about SEL support and overall school climate and culture