Easily Share Data Across District Applications

The DataSense integration platform creates bidirectional flows to connect data from a variety of systems, and cleans and standardizes enormous datasets into common formats so organizations can achieve data interoperability.

  • Accelerate technology adoption and deployment with adaptive integration capabilities
  • Quickly access, manage, and monitor real-time data integrations across an easy-to-understand interface
  • Ensure accurate, usable data with multi-level quality checks and user defined error management

Centralize Movable Data in a Secure Location

The Education Data Store is an open data management platform that provides a common data store for master data management. By unifying disparate data systems, educators can quickly track, analyze, and report data from all applications.

IPAAS to EDS@2x.png
  • Quickly access a central view of how data is being reported on and shared
  • Define combined data elements within a single secure hub to ensure relevant data delivery for each audience
  • Easily monitor all data from one secure administrative interface to track usage and interoperability

Efficiently Connect Disparate Academic Systems

RapidRoster™ allows educators to connect data from academic systems and facilitate the interchange of student enrollment and teacher assignments. The solution uses the IMS Global OneRoster® standard to provide districts with an easy roster data integration tool.

  • Support software applications that require roster data
  • Easily utilize a solid standard for data exchange and interoperability
  • Provide a simple management console for rostering integration needs

Streamline Data Collection for State Reporting  

DataSense can serve as a central repository for all data provisioning needs, including the necessary data required for state reporting. The platform streamlines the reporting process with direct data connectors to the State Department of Education.

  • Effectively manage workflow and resources for state reporting in one location
  • View and approve data prior to submitting to ensure data quality and proper provisioning
  • Achieve all state requirements for data compliance


State Reporting_1.png