Henry County Board of Education Taps Research and Analytics Platform in Shift Toward Personalized Learning; Emphasizing Student Agency Through School Redesign Project

Georgia’s Ninth Largest District will utilize BrightBytes’ Clarity Platform to evaluate and quantify outcomes of personalized learning investments, empowering educators with actionable insights to inform teaching and learning

ATLANTA -- February 8, 2018 -- Henry County Board of Education (HCBOE) and K-12 analytics platform BrightBytes, today, announced the expansion of a multi-year partnership in support of the district’s efforts to scale high-quality, personalized learning through an eight-year initiative that will utilize 36,000 devices to create a 1:1 computing environment across grades 3-12.  

BrightBytes’ expanded collaboration with the Henry County Board of Education builds on a successful partnership, first launched in 2015, to measure progress toward school redesign goals using the BrightBytes Technology & Learning module. The district also utilizes BrightBytes’ Early Warning solution to identify -- and address -- dropout risk factors by applying research-based practices and resources.

“The BrightBytes platform plays a critical role in supporting our educators as they implement new pedagogies and approaches,” explained HCBOE Chief Technology Officer Brian Blanton. “The unique analytics capabilities from BrightBytes enable us to understand the outcomes associated with new initiatives, and to understand and prioritize resource allocations across the district -- pinpointing the impact of targeted, timely student interventions.”

Although HBCOE, located just south of Atlanta, has embraced the role of technology in a transformation designed to better prepare an increasingly diverse student body, the district’s personalized learning plans are rooted in the application of research-based insights to enable great teaching -- and an intense commitment to student agency. BrightBytes’ platform was selected, in part, due to its ability to measure and report on dimensions of student growth and success that extend beyond traditional academic factors.    

“BrightBytes helps us to be able to measure the things we value -- metrics that matter -- that aren’t measured well anywhere else,” says Aaryn Schmuhl, HBCOE Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Leadership Services. “The data is clean and clear, the insights are helpful, and it is all in one place.”

To date, 32 of the district’s 50 schools have begun implementation of personalized learning initiatives as part of the eight-year school redesign project. The district expects to complete implementation and evaluation of personalized learning programs in all of its schools by 2020.  



About Henry County Board of Education
Henry County Board of Education is located on the southern tip of Metro Atlanta. As the ninth largest school system in the state, HCBOE serves over 42,000 students and employs 5,000 employees. Superintendent Mary Elizabeth Davis works with staff, students, and families to uphold the mission of ensuring success for each student. The district has a vision of building a culture of personalized learning for all of its students, believing that all learners will excel in an environment centered on rigor, relevance, and relationships. 

About BrightBytes
BrightBytes, the leading end-to-end data management solution for education organizations, provides educators with the power to turn big data into big benefits for students. With the data integration platform, DataSense,™ BrightBytes enables educators to cleanse, integrate, and bi-directionally manage complex data from multiple systems. The decision support platform, Clarity®, then analyzes and organizes meaningful data across research-based frameworks to deliver visualized, actionable information that drives student learning.

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