Improve Outcomes with Solutions Tailored for Every Role, Every Size, Every Need

BrightBytes has the unique capacity to personalize data solutions for educational organizations. The modular system allows BrightBytes’ team of designers, engineers, researchers, and statisticians to quickly assemble the right solutions to address a diverse range of each organization’s individual needs.  


Data Management Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

By providing passionate educators with flexible, personalized data solutions, educators can shift their process from passively consuming data, to actively owning analysis.  



Organize data aligned to topic-specific, research frameworks.

  • Analyze actual data in the context of organization goals
  • Topic-specific framework ties research to results

Graphic Interfaces

Understand and communicate complex data across engaging dashboards, charts, and graphs.

  • Immediately understand information with color-coded data visualizations
  • Quickly identify growth and change across trend charts

Role-Specific Views

Create the most relevant data views and access levels for each audience.

  • Ensure data safety with role-specific access capabilities
  • Deliver the data most relevant to each unique role 

Data Democratization

Capture many types of data from multiple sources and translate it into a common format.

  • Collect and integrate questionnaire and manual data inputs across the platform
  • Capture and analyze data from SIS and other data warehouses

Transparent Workflow Collaboration

Store and access important documentation and review the history of initiatives in one central location.

  • Streamline processes with insight into workflow management 
  • Access critical documentation, notes, and initiative history in one central location

Data-Driven Connections

Connect your organization’s actual data.

  • Explore and share data-driven reports to drive change
  • Connect analysis to helpful in-platform examples