waggoner, erin.png

It was great to see our strengths and weaknesses in one clear picture. Clarity will really help us guide our next steps.”

Director of Technology
Jessamine County Schools, KY

chandler, melanie.png

The BrightBytes data has helped us balance state compliance requirements, district infrastructure needs, and instructional practice goals in a way that supports our district’s long-term goals around technology and learning.”

Director of Technology
Watkins Glen Central School District, NY

kinney, rebekah.png

After exploring the data from the Technology & Learning module, we realized that we needed to help teachers move from learning technology itself, to learning innovative teaching strategies with technology.”

Technology Integration Coordinator
Darlington School, GA

behmer, stacy.png

We had a very good grasp of what we thought were areas for growth, but now we have data to support our decisions and a tool to track progress.”

Coordinator of Digital Learning Technology
Grantwood AEA, IA

jaber, mike.png

We have seen first hand that BrightBytes is an invaluable tool for our district because it helps customize and drive professional development. It also helps us look for areas of growth and need.”

Instructional Technology Coordinator
Sheboygan Area School District, WI

connor, sue.png

The need for a district-wide digital citizenship program really came to the surface when we saw the Technology & Learning data for the first time. We realized how important it was to invest the time and effort into creating a guaranteed curriculum, which ensures that every student will gain this knowledge.”

Director of Technology
Portage Area School District, WI

wright, kaitlyn.png

The Technology & Learning data has helped shape the what, how, and when of PD opportunities for technology in our district.”

Coordinator of Computer Science and Technology
Seeds of Health School District, WI