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The BrightBytes data gives us the most complete picture of our current reality, along with trail markers that we employ as we move forward and measure our progress. The only way we know where we are and where we want to be is through the use of quality data. BrightBytes provides the most complete data in the most efficient way.”

Director of Technology
San Juan School District, UT

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BrightBytes became the GPS device for our digital transformation, engaging stakeholders and allowing them to have a voice in the process led to overwhelming support for our 1:1 vision. After all, without a tool to help us measure that, how would we know if we were being successful or making a difference in the way our teachers taught and students learned?”

Superintendent and Director of Digital Teaching and Learning
Onslow County Schools NC

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BrightBytes assisted our district in a time of an ever changing digital landscape. It gave our team the means to move forward more quickly, with guided categories that every district should address for compliance, community transparency, and implementation of well-structured procedures related to student and staff privacy.”

Access, Equity & Innovation Specialist
Pacifica School District, CA

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Affton prides itself on being a leader in technology. Beyond having access to devices and innovative learning, we also recognize the need to ensure we protect the data of both staff and students.”

Director of Technology
Affton School District, MO

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Clarity will tell you, from the student perspective, from the parent perspective, and from the staff perspective, your real needs. In order for your district to forward, you’re going to have to address them. It gives you a focus and a snapshot of trends over time.”

Federal Programs and Tech Integration Coordinator
Cassia County ID, ID

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We’re always looking for how to move the needle forward on technology learning. The journey never ends, but we’re seeing a lot of great results in the digital transformation. This is in large part because we’re keeping an eye on that Technology & Learning data and looking at the right areas of focus.”

Innovation Program Designer
Richland School District Two, SC

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With the BrightBytes 21st Century Product Suite we can ensure districts have a complete solution to measure the impact of and inform their technology initiatives.”

Director of Digital Learning
ESC Region 10, TX

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As part of our overall technology plan, we must gauge our readiness, progress, and effectiveness each step along the way of implementation. BrightBytes gives us real-time data so we can make necessary adjustments in our plan along the way to ensure successful outcomes.”

Chief Technology Officer
Rockdale County Public Schools GA

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We are using the Technology & Learning module in New York to help schools plan for effective allocation and use of resources for financial, technical, and human. The module is especially helpful for our districts that are beginning to implement cloud based solutions, BYOD, and 1:1 initiatives. They will be able to track the impact on teaching and learning and make corrections to plans as appropriate.”

Manager of Educational Technology

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We want our stakeholders to view data as a tool, not as a gotcha. With the data provided by BrightBytes, we can see where the district and campuses are currently, where we are showing improvement, and where we need to focus our attention. It is a reflection of what is right now, compared to where we were. Then it guides us with Insights and actual research.”

Assistant Superintendent
Ft. Worth ISD, TX

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This research has helped us initiate conversations about connected learning, improve the instruction within our classrooms, and enhance the opportunities that our students have.”

Asst. Superintendent
Salisbury Township School District, PA

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Data from the Technology & Learning module has helped us shift our technology survey from tracking devices, to really understanding where people’s mindsets are, understanding their capacity, and understanding what technology is being used for.”

Director of Personalized Learning,
Oakland Unified School District, CA

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This kind of measurement has made our initiatives dramatically more effective, while simultaneously saving valuable time and money.”

Dobbs Ferry Union Free School District, NY


lf there is one thing we do in education, we take care of children. When you know that a child needs something, you do your best to get it to them. The BrightBytes Student Success module changes the emphasis of intervention from nebulous to an individual student. With this solution, we have an effective and efficient way of identifying at-risk students earlier.”

Executive Dir. of Accountability, Assessment, Research & Evaluation
Richland School DIstrict One, SC

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BrightBytes’ research-based predictive algorithm gives us the ability to customize the identification of student needs and provide resources that ensure student success. It provides us with a micro and macro view of our district, and allows us to make more data driven decisions and connect research to practice.”

Manatee School District, FL


BrightBytes is the solution we have been seeking to bridge our Instructional Services and Digital Learning initiatives. BrightBytes is helping us make major strides forward in transforming teaching and learning in our classrooms.”

Deputy Executive of Instructional Services
Education Service Center 11, TX

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The BrightBytes data has transformed the way that we are making decisions with teaching, learning, and technology.”

Instructional Director
Berwyn South School District 100, IL

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With BrightBytes, we have the power to have a conversation about high school graduation for a first grade student.”

Susquehanna Township School District, PA