Discover the Impact of Your Technology Dollars

Determine the impact of technology to improve learning outcomes and focus on providing meaningful experiences that drive student achievement.


Intuitive Design, Actionable Data, Powerful Change

Educational leaders can access research-driven recommendations to allocate their technology resources for maximum impact. The module helps enhance technology learning experiences and drive student achievement with insight into research-based data analysis, access to engaging role-specific reports, and actionable next steps. 


Discover the Benefits of Technology & Learning

States & ESAs

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State & ESAs

  • Attain greater transparency into each district’s technology strengths and gaps
  • Demonstrate the success of key initiatives to drive student learning with research-based data analysis
  • Provide targeted services, programs, and professional development based on concrete analysis of each district’s unique needs



  • Measure the impact of programs and initiatives to ensure successful technology learning
  • Develop comprehensive, cost-effective tech plans supported by research-based data
  • Strengthen stakeholder communication with personalized reports
  • Inform grant applications and curriculum development with data analytics and actionable next steps



  • Quickly make cost-effective decisions with research-based data analysis
  • Enhance technology learning experiences with insight into access, usage, and beliefs
  • Access necessary data to apply for, and maintain, funding
  • Share personalized, engaging reports to elevate supervisory conversations

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5 Quick Wins for Technology & Learning



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The Technology & Learning Framework

CASE™ is a flexible, research-based framework that informs the data analytics used to measure the impact of technology on learning outcomes. The four domains enable BrightBytes’ statisticians and practitioners to prioritize and target the most beneficial opportunities for student achievement. 


Explore how teachers and students use technology for learning

Understand the availability of devices and Internet access in school and at home

Measure the levels of teacher and student foundational, online, and multimedia skills

Support policies, procedures, culture, and professional development and technology needs across the organization


What Our Customers Say

The Technology & Learning data showed us teachers wanted more multimedia professional development. We were able to improve our district’s PD plan to better address what staff needed to drive learning.”
We used Technology & Learning data to look at the 4Cs, and used those as a foundation to build a modern learning environment that focused on student learning.”