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Educational leaders can access research-driven recommendations to allocate their technology resources for maximum impact. The module helps enhance technology learning experiences and drive student achievement with insight into research-based data analysis, access to engaging role-specific reports, and actionable next steps. 


Discover the Benefits of Technology & Learning

States & ESAs

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State & ESAs

  • Attain greater transparency into each district’s technology strengths and gaps
  • Demonstrate the success of key initiatives to drive student learning with research-based data analysis
  • Provide targeted services, programs, and professional development based on concrete analysis of each district’s unique needs



  • Measure the impact of programs and initiatives to ensure successful technology learning
  • Develop comprehensive, cost-effective tech plans supported by research-based data
  • Strengthen stakeholder communication with personalized reports
  • Inform grant applications and curriculum development with data analytics and actionable next steps



  • Quickly make cost-effective decisions with research-based data analysis
  • Enhance technology learning experiences with insight into access, usage, and beliefs
  • Access necessary data to apply for, and maintain, funding
  • Share personalized, engaging reports to elevate supervisory conversations

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5 Quick Wins for Technology & Learning



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