Grow Leadership Expertise and Increase Student Success

To drive transformative change and impact student achievement, leaders must focus on the most beneficial priorities. BrightBytes helps organizations identify these priorities and focus on implementing them.   

Effective Leaders Improve Student Achievement 

Extensive research has identified 21 leadership responsibilities correlated to student achievement.  Grounded in this research, the BrightBytes Leadership module provides a 360° view of the effectiveness of school leadership, identifies areas in need of improvement, and delivers research-based content to grow leadership expertise. The module also tracks the success of initiatives by providing insight into potential roadblocks and illustrating how teachers feel about what they are being asked to do.


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The Leadership Framework

The framework for the Leadership module is built upon the 21 responsibilities identified by McREL as being highly correlated to student achievement. These responsibilities are organized within three domains and supported by 11 Success Indicators.

Create a positive school culture

Drive inspiring actions

Build meaningful structures and routines


What Our Customers Say

The powerful BrightBytes data brings together horizontal teams in our district and campuses comprised of Curriculum & Instruction, Digital Learning, and School Leadership. The Clarity platform fosters collaborative action planning and data-driven decisions. We see BrightBytes as a critical leadership tool.”
We shared our results with board members, and they were really impressed. They were thrilled to have the insight into the leadership. They were happy to see specific strong places, and even excited to see places we could improve.”