Improve Intervention Efficacy with Insight to the Right Support

The Intervention Management module streamlines the referral process by connecting students in need to the right support services. The module allows educators to quickly assign services, track the fidelity, frequency, and efficacy of those efforts, and easily review and communicate progress or adjustment needs with stakeholders. 

Simplify the Intervention Process and Help Students Thrive

The Intervention Management module helps narrow gaps in intervention efficacy with a streamlined referral process. From one convenient platform, educators can analyze past intervention efforts, assign new support services, and monitor program progress and success.


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Intervention Management Framework

The Intervention Management framework consists of three domains supported by six Success Indicators that ensure all students receive the right support with fidelity.


View the number and profile of students in the system

See the personnel and intervention methods available

Track the stages of intervention delivery - from initial identification through completion


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Our kids are living in a constantly connected world which requires our community to use technology effectively as we grow together. Our BrightBytes data has allowed our teams to create, innovate, implement, and monitor organization-wide technology initiatives. More importantly, the data highlights specific ground-level growth we celebrate with our students, staff, and community.”
With the shifting demands brought on by the Common Core, our district needed to re-evaluate just about everything. From classroom materials to instructional strategies all the way up to our overarching vision for teaching and learning, we needed to know where we stood. Clarity gave us detailed data regarding our current practices, and gave us the information we needed to craft an action plan to get us to our new vision.”