Education Technology Organizations

Efficiently facilitate data deployment and improve the adoption of technology programs

With DataSense, ed tech providers can focus on serving users, rather than investing valuable internal resources on data deployment. DataSense allows ed tech providers to easily integrate data from one enterprise K-12 software solution to another, and offers visibility to manage and monitor the data and ongoing integrations.

Quick Connect

Ensure educators can implement your technology program quickly and easily with DataSense RapidRoster. The solution integrates rostering data from SIS and provides data to your system based on the OneRoster® format and allows your team to monitor integrations from DataSense, a centralized location to ensure integrations are timely and complete.

Enterprise Single Destination

Provide a robust solution to education organizations by integrating roster data, and data across multiple other systems, in hundreds of formats, into a single point. Manage standardized data through DataSense to monitor data activity for single point provisioning.

Enterprise Multi-Destination

Fulfill district requirements by employing bidirectional flows of data across multiple systems. Ensure education organizations that data is centralized, standardized, cleansed, and ready to be shared out for provisioning needs.