Lead the Education Technology Revolution Safely

Proactively address growing concerns of safety in 21st century classrooms with a research-based framework that collects, stores, and updates formative data from diverse experts within each district. The module helps organizations create relevant policies to ensure a safe learning environment. 


Discover the Benefits of Digital Privacy, Safety & Security 

States & ESAs

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States & ESAs

  • Build and communicate a clear, consistent digital vision
  • Track trends across districts and schools
  • Report on status and growth
  • Use data to inform budget decisions



  • Create a safe place for educators to provide innovative learning
  • Use data to advocate for demonstrated needs
  • Easily navigate new policies and legislation
  • Learn from exemplar practices and policies



  • Subscribe to, and enforce, comprehensive programs, policies, and systems
  • Ensure innovative practices take place in a safe learning environment
  • Address the concerns of parents and guardians with confidence

Guide to Collaborative Digital Safety Teams



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