Simplify & Centralize Data Management

Easily share purposeful data between ed tech applications with DataSense, the leading data Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) solution. 

Maximize Learning with Data



Collect data from a variety of systems, across hundreds of ed tech connectors, to move unified data through point-to-point integrations, or into a centralized data storage


Strategically target mobilized data for vendor implementations and state and internal reporting to ensure the most secure and relevant data utilization for each end user

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Transform many data formats across many integrated systems into a single format aligned to industry standards



Employ multiple levels of quality checks by flagging basic formatting conflicts, identifying domain-specific errors, and employing machine learning to detect standard deviations


The DataSense System

All Your Powerful Data, Simplified and Centralized


Unify Your Data to Accelerate Learning


100s of Supported Ed Tech Connectors

Integrate and Connect to a Wide Range of Ed Tech Data Systems

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Centralized Integration Management

Intuitive, Interactive User Interface to Configure, Manage, and Update All Data Integrations


Data on Demand

API Centric Architecture for 24/7 Access  


Seamless Authentication

OneRoster Support Built in for Secure Exchange of Data


Support for All Industry Standards


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Used by Leading K-12 Organizations


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