Better Serve Member Districts

Developed in partnership with Dr. Susan Leddick, an expert in organization design and improvement, the 21st Century Service Agency module provides the research and analysis necessary to understand agency levels of technology readiness.


Drive Transformative Change

Through personalized recommendations and actionable next steps, the module helps provide staff with the skills, resources, access, and infrastructure required by modern classrooms. 

  • Provide data-driven evidence for resource allocations
  • Measure the impact of agency programs to earn additional funding
  • Create an organization-wide vision for 21st century learning
  • Increase the value of services to member districts with research-based solutions

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The 21st Century Service Agency Framework

The 21st Century Service Agency framework consists of four domains supported by 14 Success Indicators. 


Understand and meet the needs of the customer

Measure the access to technology tools

Explore staff training and development needs

Provide ongoing support within a technology-rich culture


What Our Customers Say

Using Clarity, we could quickly determine the strengths and gaps in our professional development initiatives and target our services to address those gaps.”
Clarity helps schools learn how their full range of resources are used to enhance learning.”